Move Your WordPress Site to HIS Using Duplicator Plugin

We will show you how to move your WordPress site HIS or a new server without downtime.

Before moving WordPress you should have: an HIS web hosting account and a WordPress web site hosted at another host.

  • DNS hosted at HIS (provide a copy of your current settings).
  • A temporary URL to access the HIS web hosting site.

After that:

1- Create Your Site Backup for Migration Using Duplicator

On the source WordPress site: :

  • Go to the admin area of the site you want to move.
  • Install the Duplicator plugin. It’s one of the best WordPress plugins for migrations and backups.

Once you’ve installed the Duplicator plugin:

  • Go to Duplicator » Packages in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Click the Create New button in the right-hand corner of the page.
  • Click the Next button to start the package building process.
  • Click Next again to the second step in the package building process.
  • Make sure that your scan is complete and all the results are Good.
  • Click the Build button.
  • Wait until the process is complete. This may take a while, depending on how large your site is.

2- Save your Backup to your computer

Once the process is complete,

  • When you see “Package Completed” click the “One-Click Download” link.
    You should be prompted (by your web browser) to download two files. Save both.

3- Upload Your WordPress Site backup to your HIS hosting account.

Using your favorite FTP application (we like FileZilla):

  • Before importing: Make sure the root directory (usually /httpdocs/) of your website is EMPTY.
  • Use your FTP application to delete any old file in your httpdocs folder.
  • Upload the two files (installer.php and the archive ending with .zip) into the folder you’ll want the WordPress site in. Usually the root directory ( /httpdocs/) of your website.

4- Create a MySQL database on your HIS hosting account

Using your Plesk Control Panel:
Go to Websites & Domains -.Databases
Click on Add database (+Database grey button)
Type in your database name, database username.
Use the Generate button to generate a secure password. Click on Show to display it.
Make a good note of these, you will need them in the next step.
Click the OK button.

5- Start the Duplicator Migration Process

In your browser’s address bar:

  • Enter the URL to run the installer.php. Go to: http://\<domain_temporary_url>/installer.php

  • The installer will run a few tests and will show Pass next to archive and validation tests.

  • Check the terms and conditions box.

  • Click the Next button: Duplicator’s Step 2 open.

  • Enter your MySQL host, database name, username, and password you used in step 4.

  • Enter localhost in the host field.

  • Click test database to make sure everything is correct.

  • Click Next.

  • Duplicator will import your WordPress database from the file into your new site.

  • Duplicator will run the final steps and show the login button in its 4th and final step.

Your WordPress site has been moved to the new web host completely.

6- Log in and check if everything is okay using the temporary URL provided.

7- Clean up
It is important to remove the migration files for security reasons (installer.php, installer-data.sql, installer-log.txt, packageName_archive, wp-config.php.back)

The Plugin will show a banner at the top remind you of doing that. If you click “Take me there now!” you’ll then be on the screen to click “2. Remove Installation Files Now!” After you do that, you’re done.

8- Update your DNS to make your new site live

In most cases, contact HIS Support and we will do that for you.

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