WordPress & PHP 8

PHP 8 was released in Nov. 2020
PHP 8 is available only on our latest Plesk Obsidian servers (psa44X.his.com) since Jan. 2021.

WordPress Core is compatible with PHP 8.0 in the 5.6 release (December 8, 2020).

However, PHP 8.0 is a major version update with a large number of changes that break backwards compatibility, and many features that were deprecated within the PHP 7.x feature releases have been officially removed.

Many PHP applicationsand WordPress Themes or Plugins that were written for PHP 5 and PHP 7 may not work correctly with PHP 8 so proceed carefully with the upgrade from PHP 7.x to PHP 8.x.

Before upgrading to PHP 8, make sure all the Theme and plugins you use on your WordPress site are compatible with PHP 8.

We recommend duplicating your website to a development web site and test the upgrade there thoroughly before upgrading PHP on the live site.

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