Paid Vs. Free SSL Certificates: What’s the Difference?

The free SSL certificates from LetsEncrypt we provides with our Plesk web hosting do the job for Search Engine Optimization search results improvement in cases where trust is important but not critical, for example, on blogs and other small information sites.
They offer the same level of encryption as their paid equivalents and display the padlock symbol in all major browsers.

However, they don’t offer features that build consumer trust.

Paid SSL certificates are a better fit for businesses and brands for whom consumer trust is key, and who are willing to pay for peace of mind and easy management. For starters, not only do paid SSL certificates provide encryption, but they further validate or authenticate that the website owner is who they claim to be, assuring users that the site is, in fact, legitimate. And only paid certificates offer a warranty, long validity periods, technical support, and certificate management.

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