Create a new email address in Plesk Panel

Step 1: Create the email address using the Plesk Control Panel.

1- Access your Plesk Panel at:
(change psaXXX to the real Plesk server name)

2- Login with the panel admin username/password provided when the account was created.
If you forgot the password, use the "forgot password link to reset it"

3- Create the account:

  • Click on the Mail Accounts link.
  • Click on "Create Email Address" to create a new one.
  • Fill-in the information as needed:
  • Email Address: enter the left part (user name) you want next to
    (change to the real domain name)
  • Enter an External email address that can be used to receive a link to reset your password if you lose access to the primary email address. (Important: Make a note of it for later)
  • Pick and Enter a good password*: Make a note of it as you will need it to set up the account in your email app. (Important: Make a note of it for later)

Note at this point if you want to create an email address to forward mail from the new account to another existing email address.

  • Uncheck the Mailbox option.
  • Click on the Forwarding tab.
  • Check Switch on mail forwarding and add the receiving email address
  • Click OK to create the account.

If you want to set up a regular email account:

  • Leave the Mailbox option checked.
  • Click OK to create the account.

Step 2: Once the account is created,

Access it using webmail.
Typically: https://webmail.(change to the real domain name)

Login with the full email address and the password you set up above.


Set it up in your favorite email app.

You will need to do a manual setup:

  • Username:
  • Password: the one you entered when you created the account.
  • Incoming Server name:
  • Outgoing Server name (SMTP): (change psaXXX to the real Plesk server name)

Here is a link on how to setup new accounts in various email apps:

Password strength guidelines:
Our server will not accept weak passwords.
We recommend that you adhere to password-security best practices and use a unique, random password with at least:
8 characters
1 number
1 upper case letter
1 lower case letter
1 punctuation symbol (.,-:;)

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