Export and Import mail from Horde

Exporting Your Emails from Horde

  • In the navigation menu at left click on your general "mail" folder (which should contain all your mail sub-folders)
  • Next, in the menu bar at top, click on "Folders."
  • Now select the folder you wish to export by checking its box.
  • Next, select "Download Folder(s)" from the "Choose Action:" drop-down box.
  • You will be given an .mbox file to download. Store it in a location you'll remember.

Importing Your Emails Into Horde

  • Click "Folders" in the menu bar.
  • Select "Create Folder" from the "Choose Action:" drop-down box and give your new folder a name (preferrably the same name as the one you just exported from).
  • Now select this folder by checking its box.
  • This time, select "Import Messages" from the "Choose Action:" drop-down box.
  • Next you'll browse to the download location you used above and select your .mbox file to import and click "Import."
  • Your messages should automatically be imported into your newly created folder.
  • Double check the new folder and make sure the messages are there and that they are intact.

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