How to search in in Horde webmail

Horde webmail has an advanced search you can use to locate a specific message or list of messages.

1- Open Horde Webmail, the web address looks like: https://webmail.your-domain.ext.

2- In the top menu: click on the Mail tab.

3- In the top menu: Click on the down arrow on the left side of the easrch box at the top of the page.
At this level, you can search by: Body, From, Recipient, Subject, and do an Advanced Search.

4- Scroll down to open Advanced search

There you can select:

  • A Start and an end Date, and add other criteria as needed as to Body, From, Recipient, Subject of the email you are searching for.

  • Where to search:
    By default, only the Inbox will be searched.
    If you have created email folders, and want to search them too:
    Click on Add Search mailbox: either select All Mailboxes, or select the one you want.

  • Save your search results to access them later
    If you are using these search criteria often, you can save it for future use.
    Select Type:
    Filter if you want to use it to filter new incoming messages.
    Virtual Folder if you want to see those results in a special virtual folder.

  • Give a label to your saved search results.

5- Click Submit to search.

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