Making a copy of your web site & database for testing using Plesk Onyx

Lest say you have a web site set up at for example at and you want to create a test environment to test a new plugin or how the site works with a new PHP version, here is how to do it.

Note: if you are using WordPress, there is a faster way to do it by Cloning the WordPress site.

1- Create a subdomain, for example: if your domain is create in DNS and in your Plesk Panel.

Now you should see the new subdomain in your Plesk Panel at: - replace this with your real server Plesk Panel web address.

Website&Domains (scroll down to
It has been created with a separate web root directory (usually / so it won't be interfering with the main site's (/httpdocs).

2- Copy the web site and database to the subdomain

Go back to the main domain Plesk Panel tools:
Subscription-> -> Website&Domains->Tools-> Website Copying to copy the website files.
Subscription-> -> Website&Domains->Databases (on the right side).
Select the database -> Copy to copy the database to the new subdomain.
Create a new username & password for the database and make a note of it as you will need this information later.

3- (Optional) Change the CMS settings to use the subdomain name

Use the subdomain ** Plesk Panel tools:
Subscription->>->Websites&Domains->File Manager

For example; WordPress

Click to open and edit the file named wp-config.php
Change the MySQL settings to the subdomain new database copy's name, user & password.
Click OK to save it.

and test at

If the web site displays without its Layout, i.e. you only see the text but no image or background color:
You will need to update the Home and Site URL in the subdomain WordPress from to

If testing a new PHP verison: You can change the PHP version for the subdomain domain via the Plesk Panel
Websites&Domains->>PHP Settings
We recommend using the latest PHP 7.X if possible.

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