How to use Thunderbird Mozilla Lightning Calendar WebDAV/ICS access to Horde Calendar (Kronolith)

Follow these steps for using Mozilla Lightning Calendar with Kronolith:

Note: As of Thunderbird 78 Lightning has been integrated into Thunderbird

  • Open your calendar in Horde webmail:
    For the purposes of this demonstration, we assume your domain is "", so the Webmail URL would be:
  • CLick on My Calendars: You will see a list of all your calendars .
  • Click on the calendar name you want to work with in the left menu, then on the Pencil icon to Edit it.
  • Click on the "Subscription" tab.
  • Copy the WebDAV/ICS Subscription URL

For the purposes of this demonstration, we assume that it says "".



  • Click on the Calendar icon.
  • Create a new calendar by clicking the Plus sign in the list of accounts.
  • Select location: On the network.
    Username: the full email address, i.e.
    Location: the WebDAV/ICS Subscription URL above, i.e."
  • Click on Find calendars.
  • When prompted: enter your account password.
  • Check the box to save the password.
  • Click on Sign-In.
  • Click on Subscribe.

That's it! You will see the new calendar has been added to the list of calendars in Thunderbird/Sunbird.

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