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Worldwide ransomware attack 5/12/2017
On May 12, 2017, hackers exploiting a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows have attacked a large number of PCs worldwide, including hospitals in the UK and elsewhere and have infected vulnerable PCs with “ransomware” demanding payment in orde...
Delayed mail to and domains – resolved
Barracuda developed a problem today in their cloud layer, and some mail to addresses using the and domain has been delayed.  Outgoing mail from those domains has not been affected. Barracuda is still working on the issue, but we’...
Delayed mail –, – resolved
A failed virus definition update caused delayed mail for accounts on and starting early Saturday morning, 10/22/2016.  This problem was resolved at about 9 AM – no mail was lost, and all queued mail has now been delivered.
Sterling, VA – partial outage
3:15 PM 5/24/2016:  A file server has failed at our Sterling, VA data center and some web sites are down.  We are restoring the affected sites from backup and will follow up with site owners as the sites are restored. 5:40 PM 5/24/2016:  All sites affe...
Sterling, VA 15-minute outage – resolved
Centurylink had a network outage that affected our Sterling, VA data center for approximately 15 minutes starting at 7:03 AM EST 2/9/2016 until 7:18 AM EST. The problem has been resolved.