Export Calendar Data from Horde

We are sorry, we were not able to import your Calendar data automatically into the new (Zimbra) mail.his.com. If you have an active calendar, here is how to export it from Horde to import it in another email client or Zimbra.
  1. Login to the old Horde Webmail at https://oldwebmail.his.com
    using your username (the left part of your email address) and your email password.
  2. To export your calendar data, first open your calendar by clicking on the Calendar icon at the bottom.
  3. Click on the Import/Export icon at the top.
  4. Select the export format: ICalendar
  5. Click on "All events" or choose the date range to export.
  6. Click on the Exportbutton.
  7. A File Download window should open. Save the file locally (such as on your desktop as "events.ics"). Make a note of the location of the file.
  8. Congratulations! Your calendar is now exported.

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