Pine support ending 11/13/2011

We won't be supporting SSH access or Pine on the new server, so your Pine access will go away on 11/13. The good news is that Alpine is available for Window, Mac and linux, so you can run it on your own computer, and it will access via IMAP. The interface is pretty much what you've been used to.

There's more information and download links at:

If you need help with Alpine, please use the documentation available at: I'm sorry we can not provide support for Alpine,as it's own developpers stopped supporting it. Pine development stopped in 2006. Another team picked up the Pine source code and created a branch called Alpine,but unfortunately development on that stopped also, in 2008." Our technical support team can help you set up other email clients: depending on which computer you use, you may have access to Mac mail or Outlook, and there are other good email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird (FREE) that you can you can download and install on your computer.
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