Creating Additional FTP users for folders within your main web site.

The first step is to create a new folder on your account using FTP for your customers to use, for example, name it "customers".

Then create a new FTP user using your account's Control panel.

To create extra FTP access for your customers,

  • click on the Websites & Domains tab, then on FTP access.
  • click on "Create Additional FTP Account"
  • Create Additional FTP Account then

  • provide a FTP user name for the new account (for example: customerftp).
  • using the Home directory, click on the little folder icon on the right to select the directory you have created for your customers (for example: "customers").
  • Enter and confirm the FTP password ()for example: customerpassword.
    Make a note of it as you will need to provide it to your customers, and to retrieve the files via FTP.
    Once this is done, your customers and you will be able to use the new folder created in this example using

FTP host: or
FTP username: customersftp
FTP password: customerpassword

We recommend that you adhere to password-security best practices and use a unique, random password of at least 8 characters (15 is better) combining upper and lower-case letters, numbers and punctuation characters.
Do not re-use old passwords, passwords that you use on other accounts or passwords that spell out dictionary words.

Is you have already provided your main account FTP user (yourftplogin) to some customers, I'd recommend you change it.
To do that, go back to the FTP accounts list and click on the FTP user yourftplogin.

If you have any trouble with this, let us know.

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