Adding an email address to your Whitelist list on

If some messages from a legitimate source get held in quarantine or flagged with **, you can add them to your Whitelist Senders list on

To do that:

  1. Go to your spam quarantine, either:
    • If the message appears in the daily spam summary, click on the "Whitelist" link.
  1. If the whitelist link did not work, or the message shows up in your Inbox prefixed with **, add it manually to your Whitelist:
    • click on one of the links in the quarantine report email to access your spam quarantine.
    • or
    • login to using your email address and password.
  2. Click on Preferences then Whitelist/Blacklist.
  3. Open the message Internet Headers, and look for the value of: X-Barracuda-Envelope-From.
  4. Add the email address (or domain) shown there to the Whitelist.

Note: The actual sending email address of a unwanted message might differ from the one showing in the "From: field".
Some Commercial Bulk mail senders (Constant Contact, Retail Stores, Amazon to name a few) may use one-time throwaway addresses.
In that case whitelisting/blacklisting the email address won't work.
It may be more efficient to try unsubscribing from the list first, only block the domain name if nothing else works.

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