Enable SMTP Authentication for Pegasus Mail

This is based on an article about Pegasus version 3.1, hopefully will work for other version too.
Here is how to set up HIS outgoing mail server (SMTP) in Pegasus Mail and Enabling SMTP Authentication on port 587.

1- Choose the identity where you wish to use your domains mail server (SMTP) to send emails:

2- Choose the menu ’Tools’ -> Internet options…:

3- Choose the tab ’Sending (SMTP)’

  • In the field ’SMTP host’ enter mail.his.com
  • Under Advanced SMTP Settings: In the field "Connect to SMTP server on TCP/IP Port" enter 587
  • Under Authentication: Check the checkbox next to ’Login using my POP3 setting for username and Password’

4- Click on ’OK’:

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