Transfering a domain registration to HIS

If your domain is currently registered with another registrar (Network Solutions, Verisign, you can transfer your domain to HIS/OpenSRS.

Note that we cannot do registrar transfers for domains that are On Hold or Past Due or in their transfer prohibited period. To be on the safe side, you should start the registrar transfer process at least two weeks before the expiry of the domain.

Please note that if a com/net/org domain does expire and you have to renew with the old registrar, you should not transfer until 45 days past the anniversary date. If you do, the year paid to the old registry will be lost and they do not give refunds.
The .ORG Registry imposes a 60 day transfer prohibited period after a domain is registered or transfered.

The Admin Contact Email address for the domain must be valid. Contact the current registrar to make this change if necessary.

The next step after that is to unlock your domain using your current registrar's Domain Management account.

Then contact us at or open a support ticket to let us know you want to transfer your domain.

We will submit the transfer request, an email will be sent to the domain administrator email address on record, and you will have to access it to approve the transfer of the domain to HIS/OpenSRS.

After that, there may be a one week delay for your current Registrar to approve the transfer. Once the transfer happens, you will get a confirmation by email, and we will handle your domain registration.

We provide a Domain Management Tool to manage your domain registration online.

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