Setting Up Mac Mail to Connect to a Plesk or Zimbra mail account

  1. Start the Mail application.
  2. Access the mail configuration options:
    1. If you are starting the application for the first time, select “Add Other Mail Account…” in the prompt that appears.
    2. Otherwise:
      1. Go up to the top left toolbar and open the Mail dropdown menu.
      2. Click on Add Account.
      3. Select “Add Other Mail Account…” in the prompt that appears.
      4. Click continue.
  3. Enter the following:
    1. Full Name: enter your Full Name.
    2. Email Address:  enter your email address.
    3. Password:  enter your email password.
    4. Click on the Create button. A message saying “Account must be manually configured” will appear. Click Next.
  4. Configure the Incoming Mail Server Info:
    1. Select IMAP from the options next to Account Type.
    2. Enter or as the Mail Server.
    3. Enter your HIS email address in the box next to User Name (as in or 
    4. The Password field should already be populated with the password that you entered in step 4.
    5. Click on the Next button.
  5. Configure the Outgoing Mail Server Info:
    1. Enter or next to SMTP Server.
    2. Enter your email address as username in the box next to User Name.
    3. Enter your email password in the box next to Password.
    4. Click on the Create button.
  6. If everything was correct, you will automatically exit the new account creation process. Close and reopen Mail to begin receiving your messages.

* See

  1. HIS recommended Email Port Numbers
  2. Problem sending mail: Enable SMTP Authentication
  3. In order to use IMAP folders for the Mac email client, you will need to set the IMAP Path Prefix and select the IMAP folders that Apple Mail will use.

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