Making a backup of your web site from the Plesk Panel

We recommend making and scheduling backups during non-business hours, especially if for large web sites.

Here is how to make a backup of your web site from the Plesk Panel:

  • Click on Backup Manager, then click Back Up to create a new backup.
  • Check the option Backup -- Domain configuration and content-> All configuration and content except mail
    Those backups will include all your web site files and databases.
  • Check Suspend the domain until the backup task is completed (If you don't mind your web site being offline for a the time of the backup).
  • Click OK to proceed with the Backup.
  • Wait until the backup shows as complete.
    It may take several minutes depending of the size of your web site.

Once the Backup is done, you will see it in the local repository.

Note: The disk space used by the backups counts toward your hosting account's disk quota.

See also: Restoring Data from Plesk Backup

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