How to fix CPU problems in WordPress

  • Update WordPress
    If you’re not using the latest version of WordPress update now. Make sure you backup your site first!

  • Update Plugins
    Updating your WordPress plugins to the latest versions can often reduce high CPU usage. If you’re running an old version take a moment to update now.

  • Disable WP-Cron
    WP-Cron manages all the scheduled events in your WordPress site. WP-Cron is a very common cause of high CPU loads as it is called every time someone visits your website. Disabling WP-Cron and replacing with a real cron job will help reduce CPU-load.

  • Install a caching plugin
    Caching plugins such as W3 Total Cache can help reducing CPU load by caching static copies of your pages on your web space.

If you’re already running a caching plugin, but still experience high CPU loads check your caching plugin is using the optimal settings.

See our article on W3 Total Cache recommended settings.

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