Zimbra 7: Installing Zimbra Connector for Outlook (ZCO)

The Zimbra Connector for Outlook (ZCO) is a downloadable .msi file that must be installed on the desktop in order for Outlook and Zimbra to communicate.

Make sure that Outlook is set up as your default email client before installing the ZCO.

To download the ZCO to the client:

1. Log in to the Administration Console at https://dc.his.com:7071.
2. Click on the Downloads tab on the left of the navigation pane.
3. In the Content Pane, click on the Zimbra Connector for Outlook to download the .msi installable file.
4. Save the file to the local computer, or a network accessible shared folder.
5. Double click the .msi file to start the installation process.
6. The installation wizard will begin and go ahead and accept the License Agreement and accept all of the defaults.
7. Once complete click FINISH.

You probably already have Outlook setup to check your Email. If you have an IMAP account, you can delete its profile after this process, since the Zimbra Connector will check your mail in the same manner as your current IMAP account.

If you have a POP3 account, do not delete it and follow these instructions.

Zimbra currently supports Outlook 2003/2007:
- Configuring Outlook 2003, preserving existing accounts
- Configuring Outlook 2007, preserving existing accounts

If you had an IMAP account, you can proceed to a fresh install as follow:

The ZCO is now installed, and the first time we run Outlook on this client, the connector will prompt us for configuration information.

1. In the Server Name field, enter: mail..
2. For port leave the default of 80.
3. Email address will be the email address for this user. For our example, we will use the email address of user@<your_domain.xxx>.
4. For the password, enter the same password user would use to log in to the Zimbra web client.
5. Once completed, click OK and Outlook will open the user's email box.

The ZCO will now sync the Global Access List and will get all the emails from the server locally.
The sync process happens in the background. If you imported lots of items previously, you might need to allow some time to get them back into Outlook from the server.

The first time Outlook is opened, it will automatically do a send/receive with the Zimbra server.
After this initial synchronization Outlook automatically checks the status and acts accordingly. .
A user need not be connected to the server to work with email that has already been received, check the address book, or work with the Calendar.
All changes that the user makes in Outlook Offline mode will be synchronized with the Zimbra server the next time the server is connected and Outlook is online.

All pre-existing Outlook accounts will be available in another profile, named "Outlook".
To access it, switch Outlook Profile.
Note that you can not switch profiles while Outlook is running.
You must close Outlook and select another profile when restarting Outlook.

More information in Microsoft FAQ:

Outlook e-mail profiles explained

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