Setting up Android Phone or Tablet to connect to Zimbra (Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync)

You will need:
Username: Your full email addrress.
Password: Your regular mailbox password
Zimbra Exchange server:

  1. Settings menu, click on the gear icon. Open the Accounts tab and select Add account.

  2. Add Account:

Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and select Manual Setup.
(Note: on earlier versions of Android this may be called "Corporate" or "Corporate Sync").

3.Exchange Server Settings:

Input your credentials and ensure the "Exchange server" is set as
Then check the box next to "Use secure connection (SSL)" and click Next.

  1. Account Options:

On this page you will set up the account's sync behavior. The settings displayed in the image below are defautls. You may choose to lengthen the amount of messages/time frame synced.

  1. Account Name:
    The last page gives you the option to name the account, for example "Zimbra HIS".
    Click Done to finish.

You will now receive notifications from your HIS Zimbra account.

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