How to set-up 2-Factor Authentication for your HIS-Hosted Zimbra email account

2-Factor Authentication is an extra layer of security for your email account. With it enabled, to log into your Zimbra account, you need your password and a code generated by your smartphone.

See the 2FA Authenticators Zimbra supports .

To setup 2-Factor authentication in your Zimbra email account:

  1. Login to your webmail account:
  2. Once logged in go to Preferences > Accounts.
  3. Scroll down to Primary Account > Account Security.
  4. Click on the link: Setup two-step authentication.
  5. Provide your email account password, then click Next: It will display a Key
  6. If needed: Install an authentication application on your SmartPhone.
  7. Launch the Application on your SmartPhone. We will use Google Authenticator as example:
  8. Click + to add a new account
  9. Enter your email address
  10. Enter the Zimbra key displayed at step #5, then click Next.
  11. Enter the code displayed by the Application for this account, then click Next.
  12. If you entered the code correctly you should see a message saying Success!

After that if you are using other email applications besides Zimbra webmail, you will need to create a Application code to use as password in those.

  1. Create an Application Code in Zimbra webmail to use for Outlook or Thunderbird..
  2. Enter the Application code when prompted for password in your email application.
  3. Save the new password.

You are all set!

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